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One of the best flooring options for your home is definitely hardwood flooring! In addition to conveying sophistication, it has high durability, ease of cleaning, thermal comfort and much more. Discover the main benefits of wooden flooring and Find out why you should invest in hardwood floors for your home. Get to know more about Hardwood Now.


Beauty in favor of decoration

Synonymous with beauty and elegance, the wooden floor is able to transform any environment and guarantee an extra charm to the decoration.

The wooden floors give a very natural effect to the space, which rescues a bit of nature for the environment and this has been much sought after in the developments.


A wooden floor is for life! Its great differential and benefit is the possibility of revitalization. Just scrape and apply varnish and your floor will look like new. Cleaning is done in a practical and simple way – just use a slightly damp cloth, with the help of products developed for this purpose.

For floors in external areas, care must be more constant, as they are exposed to the action of nature such as rain and wind.


Thermal comfort

A wooden floor provides thermal comfort. For those who live in cold or very hot regions, this type of floor is ideal. Many people ask sellers for a floor that is not cold and that stabilizes the temperature of the room. And wood has this function and becomes indispensable for spaces with children, as it leaves the touch at a more pleasant temperature for stepping and crawling.

Versatility of use


Architects and designers like this material because it is easy to compose with all types of coatings, steel, iron and different styles of lighting and furniture.

And there is a wide variety of models, from clubs to large format rulers in different colors. Large industries can customize the wood and leave it with different textures and creative layouts, such as scale and herringbone, in addition to making special projects according to the client’s needs.


Better than any visual

These floors also have the advantage of being hypoallergenic and do not accumulate as much dust, which makes cleaning and maintenance even more practical. Did you realize that a wooden floor can be a great option for your home? We’re sure it is. Just research and evaluate the best type of flooring for the style of your decor.

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