Hardwood Borders and Medallions

We are Wood Inlays & Medallions Professionals Installers

We are skilled craftsmen on installation and we always put in a floor to last for decades. We have been installing custom medallions and borders for over 15 years. We make assured both the wood and sub-flooring are at the proper humidity to diminish any potential glitches down the road.

We use only the greater finishes so the floors will last for ages. We install a vapor barrier so that the humidity from below will not distress the floor. We use only approved fasteners for the hardwood floor. We maintain the correct spacing to minimize complications for years to come. We cut all casings and jambs and install under them. We will provide all transition strips, bull-nosing, thresholds or reducers for a professional finished look.

Wood Inlays & Medallions

Tired of that old floor? Featuring hardwood floor inlay medallions including a selection of 8-point, round and oval patterns. HardwoodNOW will remove and dispose of your existing floor and install a new one in no time at all. HardwoodNOW is a full service flooring company offering its services to New York area customers for theirs remodeling, refinishing or new construction projects.

Borders and Parquet

Decorative Hardwood Flooring Borders can be used to enhance the layout of your new Hardwood Flooring installation. Parquet flooring comes from the French word parqueterie and dates back to the 17th century when Parquet de Versailles became the standard wood flooring in French chateaux. Since then parquet flooring has become a truly timeless choice for wooden floors. Parquetry is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect. Parquet patterns are entirely geometrical and angular usually being squares, triangles and lozenges. These patterns can be put together to form beautiful wood floors. With all of the different options of wood species and from colours to styles it maintains a modern feel.


I and my wife loved the refinish process. Dust less and no smell. Thank you!

- Teobaldo

Andre did a quick buffing job at my place. Thank you.

- John Michale

Great service. The owner answered the phone every single time I called and was honest about what could be done. I would totally recommend him to a friend.

- Andreia Leifer

Totally recommended!<br />
Such a very nice job. He was on time to get it done, and came out better than I could imagined. It was totally worth!!!

- Luiz Ribeiro

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