Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood floor installation is more than simply laying down the new flooring. Our professional and experienced Hardwood floor installation crews will give you a long-lasting floor. They make sure the sub flooring is flat and clean before the installation begins and the acclimation time for the wood floors is the right time.

The installation will only be as good as the subfloor and the experience of the hardwood floor installation crew. The installers use the latest tools and techniques to give you the hardwood floor installation you want.


Installation Methods

Each home has a need of different methods of install, we help you decide of the best method for yours needs. 

Nail to Subfloors

This method is the most popular in homes because the subfloor structure is usually made of plywood and with this condition it is more adequate to use this method.

Floating Floors

You can use this method if the subfloors are concrete or similar and/or you wish to be provisory and must use a cushioned underlayment. Underlayments are necessary to provide a cushioned effect and will offset very minor irregularities in the subfloor.

Floors Glued Direct To Concrete

This method is highly recommended if wood flooring are planks (more than 5″ boards) or/and a parquet flooring.

Radiant Heated Subfloors

A special method is a mix of nail and glue in strategic places for this method. This method is very hard and we go over board by board making sure we do not damage the electrical cables or water pipes.

No Subfloors - Straight to wood frame

This method is not recommended at all but some old homes used this and we just do it in case of repairs.

Trim Molding

Nearly all hardwood floor installations will need some type of trim moldings. Whether or not it’s needed to trim off the baseboard or create an unobstructed transition to ceramic tile, extra costs are involved. Let’s say you prefer a quarter round that matches the floor being considered. These little buggers can add up the dollar cost of the job quickly.

Installation of wood floors today!

Nails or glue, we are here to install it for you, so you enjoy many years after worrying free.

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