Wood Floor Buffing

Low Cost & Efficient

Wood floor buffing is a home improvement service that costs less than other methods of increasing a floor’s shine but yields similar results.

Furthermore, hardwood floor buffing services use an exceptional turning machine with a proper fine paper that is intended to remove dust and small scratches from the surface of your hardwood floors.

The following step in the process is to patch-up and clean the floors. After the floors have been inspected, we apply a commercial hardwood floor clear coating so that your floor will shine like new in most cases.

Hardwood floor dustless refining, when done by a specialized flooring professional, can help restore your wood floors to a gorgeous, new value.

Hardwood Now buffs floors with high-tech equipment to remove surface scuffs and scratches. Wear and tear from everyday living and traffic are eliminated through the buffing process. This method is quick and can be done in the same day and ready for you the next day!


Buffing your wood floors with Us today!

Thinking twice? We are here to help. Let us give you a free quote to start and hardwood Now do the deck in a timely fashion. Call now (914)573-8057 or txt message us. 

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