Proper Sealers for Concrete

Today, manufacturers such as Bostiks, Mapei, and Sika to nameBostiks MVP Sealer a few, offer their own sealer variations to be used in conjunction with their own urethane wood adhesives. Ordinarily a 24 hour waiting time is required after the sealer application with any new glue down installation. Some sealers also provide sound deadening properties. Installation procedures call for either troweling (depends on manufacturer) to the subfloor similar to applying the wood floor glue, or applying with a paint roller. Products do not come cheaply. The actual wholesale cost of the Bostiks MVP (shown right) runs round $ 240.00 per five gallon container. Add in the dealer markup and one can easily be spending $ 300.00. Each five gallon container covers approximately 200-250 square feet.

Two Part Adhesives & Sealers

Mapei Ultrabond ECO 995 introduced in early 2010 is a combination adhesive and moisture protection application. Benefits with the product offer a one step application with mostClip on trowels hardwood and bamboo floors. Project time and costs are reduced as ECO 995 can be applied with installation immediately following. No more waiting for other hardwood sealers to cure.

ECO 995 is sold in five gallon containers with costs near that of the Bostiks MVP. Recommended spread rates or amount that should be applied will vary slightly on type of hardwood being installed. A general rule of 40 to 55 square feet per gallon can be used for products less than 5/8 inch in thickness.

Another popular two part product is the Bostik Vapor Lock, described by the company as being a one part rapid tacking, moisture-cure urethane adhesive, and vapor retarding membrane. The application is similar to Mapei’s ECO 995, but does have significant differences in spread rates that depend on the hardwood thickness being used.

Both products mentioned above are not a cure all solution for excessive moisture problems or readings exceeding 15 pounds of moisture emission with concrete slabs. Consult with each manufacturer specifications for proper usage.

Another popular multi purpose adhesive is Taylor MS Plus. Similar in the benefits provided with others above, the company also supplies a trowel clip on insert to be used only once or when each container is emptied. This insures whoever is handling the work gets the proper coverage. I consider it to be a great innovation as there are some installers that simply use the same trowel over and over. In effect, trowel teeth are worn down which translates to improper coverage.

Proper Sealers for Concrete done by HardwoodNow

Sealers for concrete provide numerous benefits, including protection against damage, enhanced appearance, easy maintenance, increased durability, and cost-effectiveness. It is important to choose the appropriate sealer for the type of concrete surface and to have it applied correctly to ensure maximum benefit.

Overall, choosing the right sealer for your concrete surface will depend on factors such as the location of the concrete, the level of foot or vehicle traffic, and the desired appearance. It is recommended to consult with a professional concrete sealer contractor to ensure that the appropriate sealer is selected and applied correctly.

Hardwood Now concrete sealer installers are professionals who specialize in applying protective coatings to concrete floors and other surfaces.

Making sure the concrete is properly done is a secret for a last longer wood floors installation. We are experienced in proper sealers for concrete, give us a call!