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Vinyl Tile Removal

Vinyl Tile Removal Removal vinyl tile with fire is quick and safer when professionals take care of that task. We open the windows to get better ventilation and turn on the torch and let the vinyl tile get hot. Square Vinyl Titles Square vinyl can be very stick and hard to removal. We have some […]
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Flooring Repairs

Need Flooring Repair?   Hardwood Now is a experienced company in wood repairs for all cases, can be: solid wood, engineered, laminate, we can fix for you. Having hardwood flooring in your home gives it a charming look and feel. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen, causing damage to your beautiful hardwood floors. If you […]
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Deck Finishes

Deck Refinishing Decks are an extension of your home and a place for you to enjoy the outdoors. Over time, harsh weather conditions and wear and tear can cause your deck to become damaged and lose its beauty. That’s where Hardwood Now’s deck refinishing services come in! We offer a variety of deck refinishing options […]
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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood floor installation Hardwood floor installation is more than simply laying down the new flooring. Our professional and experienced Hardwood floor installation crews will give you a long-lasting floor. They make sure the sub flooring is flat and clean before the installation begins and the acclimation time for the wood floors is the right time. […]
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Hardwood Floors Buffing

The Ultimate Makeover for Your Home: Transformative Hardwood Floor Buffing Services! Investing in hardwood floors is a great way to add value to your home, and they can last for generations as long as they are properly cared for. In spite of the fact that hardwood floors are often cleaned regularly, they can still lose […]
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Refinish Wood Floors

Refinish Wood Floors Adding hardwood floors to a home can add a stunning touch to the interior. Despite that, they can lose their shine over time and become dull and dust, scratches, stains and other imperfections may start to appear as well. That’s where Hardwood Now, the leading hardwood floor refinishing contractors can help you […]
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