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Hardwood NOW offers sub floor work services that can restore damage caused by an earthquake and make the home safer in the event of any other natural disaster.

Offering highly-trained professionals that are members of the National Wood Flooring Association, Hardwood NOW offers experienced and knowledgeable services.

For floors damaged by tile removal, a demolition service may be required in order to replace the foundation.

The subfloor provides the foundation for the flooring and must be stable, level, and free of damage or moisture in order for the new flooring to be installed properly. Subfloor work may include leveling the subflooring, repairing or replacing damaged subflooring, installing a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from seeping up into the new flooring, and addressing any underlying structural issues, such as weak or sagging joists Hardwood NOW can take the necessary steps to demolish what is left of the subfloor and install a newer and safer surface. In some cases, however, repairs to the subfloor can be done without demolition. Hardwood Now can replace the cracks and damage in the subfloor with minimal invasiveness. In addition, to prepare a home new wood flooring installation, some homeowners might choose to contract Hardwood NOW for an inspection with any type of subfloor problems.

Despite the level of damage Hardwood NOW can provide you with sub floor and demolition services that can handle the consequences of any situation.

Proper subfloor work is essential for ensuring a high-quality and long-lasting new flooring installation. It is recommended to hire a professional flooring contractor who is experienced in subfloor work to assess and prepare the subflooring for new flooring installation to ensure that it is done safely and efficiently. Hardwood Now can provide you with subfloor and demolition services that can handle the consequences of any situation. With the clear record in the Better Business Bureau and carriers of license and bond insurance, we have the experience and tools necessary to provide superior services for all hardwood floors and sub-floors needs.

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