Vinyl Tile Removal

Removal vinyl tile with fire is quick and safer when professionals take care of that task. We open the windows to get better ventilation and turn on the torch and let the vinyl tile get hot.

Square Vinyl Titles

Square vinyl can be very stick and hard to removal. We have some techniques what will blow your mind.

Linoleum Floors

Large chuck of linoleum can be removed in step by step without damage the wood floors.

Double Layers

Some old home has double layers of vinyl title or linoleum, we can remove those as well for you.

Remove your Carpet, Vinyl Tiles and Linoleum with Us!

Generally, removing carpet, vinyl tile, or linoleum can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It is recommended to hire a professional flooring contractor to ensure that the removal process is done safely and efficiently and that the subfloor or concrete surface is prepared properly for the installation of new flooring. We have many years of experience in floor removal, Call us today and let’s get it done once and for ever.